My son took piano lessons from Megan for over 10 years and I’m now taking voice lessons from her. She knows her stuff inside and out, from theory, performance, and artistic expression, to recording, how to handle the music business, and even how to relax and stay healthy. You won’t find more expertise for the money anywhere — she is absolutely the best!

Mike B.

Father and adult student, client since 2004

Our family cannot say enough wonderful things about Megan! She has been working with our family for over 9 years, and my three kids have made tremendous progress! She is very professional, but also knows how to make it engaging and fun! She really “gets” each of my kids, and knows how to tailor to their individual needs and music style. She is very patient and kind. Megan is the BEST!

Jane B.

Mother, client since 2007

With Megan we got the Total Package: Here is this classically-trained, highly gifted and educated music teacher who is not only capable of teaching piano and voice to students of all ages, she is also young and hip and makes learning FUN. She has so much knowledge of music theory and history of the great composers, every lesson is packed with a full learning experience.

Megan is a joy to be around with a reliably sunny spirit and a bright smile. Her professionalism also commands respect from her students so they are willing to work for her. Megan is someone who truly loves her students, has endless patience and knows how to draw out the best from each one.

I also love Megan as a professional female artist who makes a living doing what she is most passionate about – this has been a powerful example for my two daughters who witness Megan running her successful business with focus and finesse, as well as lots of hard work and long hours!

In short, we hit a home run with Megan! We’ve had other music teachers but none could compare to Megan.

Kitty S.

Mother, client since 2010

I have learned an absolutely amazing amount as a musician and person during my time as Megan’s student! She is a kind, wonderful, and hardworking teacher who has done much to improve my skills as a pianist, songwriter, and vocalist. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who wants to learn music with a spunky, cool, and perfectly professional mentor!

Piper M.

Student, client since 2011

Megan Kelley is the best piano and vocal teacher imaginable. She is incredibly well trained and educated, passionate and dedicated. She makes learning fun. She is full of heartfelt positivity and she always makes my kids feel at ease, even when they might be nervous about learning new pieces or performing. She teaches a combination of classical and modern pieces that gives kids a wide range of skills. She will forever be a foundational member of my kids’ “tribe” of community that they will look back on as adults, and being around her not only makes my kids better musicians, but also better people. Thank you, Megan Kelley!

Mary M.

Mother, client since 2014

Finding teachers in specialties like voice, who also understand the human spirit and how to truly empower a young person to fully become themselves is something of utmost importance to me. My daughter says ’she makes me work hard and even when I make mistakes she believes in me’. My daughter is learning way more than how to sing – which, by the way, she does really, really well too.

Thank you Megan!

Liz W.

Mother, client since 2015

I’m a returning adult piano student, and Megan has transformed the way I approach my practice. Not only is she a musical genius, but she is patient, fun to work with, and a great listener and mentor. While the experience of taking piano as an adult is very different than when I was younger, Megan holds true to this value – the teacher makes all the difference.

Francie S.

Adult student, client since 2016

I cannot begin to say how much I love the piano and performing music that I enjoy for others. Since I started taking lessons, I have noticed an improvement. I have studied with many teachers, but most don’t really have the versatility I see in Megan’s way of teaching––she can adapt to the individual learning styles of the student. I happen to have a great “ear for music” and have played by ear for most of my life-–it’s kind of cheating though, and I can be very lazy when it comes to writing in fingering or counting.

What I appreciate most from Megan is that she doesn’t let me “get away with it”….nor does she look at how old I am and “give up” but continues to call me out and correct the myriad of bad habits I’ve developed over the years. It’s like working with an old house….there may be some cracks in the walls but there are some good bones there for a foundation to build on!

Also, I have found that many piano teachers really don’t like taking on adult students because we do have other commitments and often don’t practice, and they quit more often because it would appear that the teacher doesn’t really care, but it’s “easy money” to the teacher…This is not Megan and I really enjoy working with her!

Teri O.

Adult student, client since 2016

I began playing music at the age of seven but not until I took music theory lessons from Megan at the age of thirty-nine did it begin to completely make sense to me. Megan is truly a master at her craft. Whether your need be piano lessons, vocal lessons or music theory, she truly is the best there is in all of Colorado.

She is now also teaching my four year old daughter!

Leslie T.

Mother and student, client since 2016

Many music teachers are skilled musicians themselves, but it is the rare musician who is also an incredibly knowledgeable and effective teacher. Even more special is the music teacher who possesses such grace, compassion, patience and love as Megan. We consider Megan to be one of the most important people in our daughter’s life.

Lisa O.

Mother, client since 2016

Megan is an outstanding educator. Our son has struggled with music lessons in the past, but she has ignited a real passion in him for playing piano. He looks forward to his weekly lessons and so do we.

Josh H.

Father, client since 2017